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This page gives us the opportunity to introduce the Point of Contact (POC) and key volunteers.


We need you!!! If you have the time, we have plenty of things that need to be done to make our presence on base known! We have roles in education, networking, and even things behind the scenes! Please contact Jamie and she can let you know what things we have open.

Role Descriptions:


MPN POC- the MPN POC's primary interest concerns the overall fair treatment toward military Pagans in the area (from military chain-of-command, local civilian population, and any local Pagan groups).


         Function as POC, to include publishing contact information.

         Take a proactive role in the MPN as well as the local community.

         Work with other POCs and form a regional council.

         Keep the National office updated through quarterly reports.

         Maintains databases of local information (groups, stores, events, and resources) and have them available to the military and civilian communities to include the National office.

         Encourage membership of the MPN.


I'm the new POC for Fort Campbell, Merrie Morrison
Please stand by for information from the new POC Merrie Morrison
MPN POC Contact Info:
AOL IM: MPNfortcampbell
Y! IM: MPNfortcampbellPOC

Feel free to come by and meet us!

MPN FTCKY POC Merrie Morrison* * (931)561-2483
Clarksville, TN serving the Fort Campbell, KY community

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