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This page will keep you up to date on what's going on here at Fort Campbell and within the Military Pagan Network.

Local MPN Events

This section will highlight events being put on for the benefit of MPN members stationed here at Ft. Campbell!


** No, we are not forming some kind of religious or celebratory group under the Military Pagan Network (MPN), we are just providing a venue for pagans in the area to get together and find out about the MPN, build membership, discuss things that matter to Pagans at Ft. Campbell and network with each other. If, through our meetings, we discover that there is a need for a celebratory group on base then we can provide the necessary information for interested parties to get one started! Several steps exist in order to be recognized as a religious entity by DOD standards, all of which are unaffiliated with MPN. Therefore, the MPN POC will not be serving as any kind of Designated Faith Group Leader (DFGL). Please keep in mind that if a religious based group does get started on FTCKY, it will not be mandatory to become a MPN member! Secular and Religious groups are to be treated as separate entities, you are more than welcome to be a member of both, but you will never be required to do so!


MPN News

Here is where you can find news from MPN impacting Ft. Campbell, KY.

MPN Definition of Discrimination

Chaplain Activities in the United States Army (.pdf file- Adobe Acrobat)


Fort Campbell now has Pagan Services. Meeting every Sunday at 4:00 pm. For details contact MPN POC at
We're also looking for more members! Please feel free to contact the MPN POC about joining!

We are looking for a few volunteers to help maintain local information that would be of interest to incoming pagans to Fort Campbell, KY! We could use help in website maintenance, networking, reviews, and speaking with the Chaplains on Ft. Campbell! If you can help in any of these areas, get in touch with us! Joining the MPN is easy and affordable and volunteering your time on base helps to bring more government funding for volunteer activities to the base!

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We are attempting to gather local data so that we have tangible numbers to provide to the chaplains when asking for support. If we (as Pagans in general, not as MPN members) wish to meet, host events or circle on base, we will need some kind of data to provide to the chaplains to prove that there is a “need” on Fort Campbell. You do not have to supply your given name, but if you choose to, know that we will keep this information in strict confidence.

Would you like to meet with other FTCKY Pagans? In what kind of venue?

MPN FTCKY POC Merrie Morrison* * (931)561-2483
Clarksville, TN serving the Fort Campbell, KY community

MPN graphic belongs to Military Pagan Network, Inc.