411. Membership campaigns

DA recognizes and benefits from the activities of many worthy organizations, associations, and clubs. Many of these organizations enjoy close, historical ties with the military community and are composed largely of active or retired military personnel. DA support of private organizations is strictly regulated by DODI 1000.15 and DODD 5500.7-R.

a. In supporting such organizations and associations, post commanders and heads of DA Staff agencies will-

(1) Ensure membership among personnel under their jurisdiction is truly voluntary.

(2) Prohibit any practice that involves or implies compulsion, coercion, influence, or reprisal in the conduct of membership campaigns. This prohibition includes repeated orientations, meetings, or similar counseling of persons who have chosen not to join after given a chance to do so. It also includes using membership statistics in support of supervisory influence.

(3) Prohibit any practice that involves or implies DA sponsorship or endorsement of the organization and its activities.

(4) Prohibit the use of government property, facilities, or services, e.g., golf course membership, as an inducement to join a private organization.

b. This policy does not prohibit commanders from informing personnel without coercion about membership in such organizations. When doing so, commanders will ensure they do not favor one organization over others.